This project started with 2000 sq ft of unfinished basement space. The process of turning something raw and unusable into a functional, livable, beautiful space is hands down the best part of what we get to do here and this project is a great example of just that. The three main rooms we decided to reveal were: a guest bathroom, bar area, and a playroom for 3 little girls. Each room shows hints of modern, simplistic style with added layers of soft colors and plants to keep it inviting. The three things that were a focus was: function, family, and versatility. 

Storage was important with this large family to keep the space neat and clean. We also wanted to show a sense of personality that reflects the family with custom paintings and using sentimental items within their home for decorating.

As part of the layout an area was sectioned off to include a guest room. We identified the need for a bathroom that would serve both guests staying down in the space, as well as visitors using the larger public area of the lower level. The guest bathroom makes it easy to get in and out of the shower with the sliding door and easy accessibility. The white colors make the room look brighter and spacious, with a whimsical mirror - a perfect way to start the morning! 

The bar area is in an open space that is visible to everyone when walking down. Taking that into account, I made the space simple, with lots of texture to liven up the space and storage for their party needs. The sconces and pendant lighting set the perfect mood while the warm tones invite everyone in to watch a game and have a beer. 

Lastly, the playroom brings in lots of color and fun. By incorporating soft pastels and shades of pink, this room is turned into a space that each girl can grow and change with, while still catering to their current interests. 

The overall aesthetic of this project was warm space with soft elements for friends and family. Neutral colors paired with custom accessories, textures and sentimental items makes for a charming setup that the whole family can enjoy.